Where We Went

My family and I like to go out and see different places. I like to take photos and share to the experiance

My trip to Serendip

Lake Serendip at the back of Serendip Sanctuary 


Where we went today is Serendip Sanctuary in Lara.


Serendip’s name comes from the word “serendipity” which means lucky accident. The sanctuary is set on 250ha (ha or Hectare is a measurement of land 100m x 100m) of a mixture of wetlands, open grasslands and woodlands at the base of an extinct volcano called the You Yangs. 

More than 150 types of birds regularly can be spotted inside the sanctuary as well as many mammals and reptiles.

One of the best things about Serendip Sanctuary is that it does not cost anything to visit.


When we pulled in to the car park we were greeted by a friendly emu that seemed as curious of me as I was of it.


As I walked over the bridge I saw a Musk Duck. However he was asleep on the job today.


Serendip does not have many cages just a few fences to keep us humans from disturbing the animals.


Wooden walkways skirt around lake Serendip leading into the birds hides that allow you to see the birds on the water without disturbing them.


More than 450 Eastern Grey kangaroos live in Serendip but I could only see these two.


Paddymelons are so cute!!!!!!! I want one to take home


Just as I was leaving I saw a family of cape barren geese walking past


I hope I have inspired you to go and visit the sanctuary and look at all the animals. But do remember Serendip is not a zoo with animals in cages but an opportunity to walk around the beautiful natural wetlands designed to give you the best chance of seeing animals in their natural environment.