Where We Went

My family and I like to go out and see different places. I like to take photos and share to the experiance

Point Henry

Where we went today is to Point Henry which is located 5kms outside of Geelong and it is a low scrub sandy beach, it was discovered in 1803 by Lieutenant Woodriff while sailing past on the ship ‘Calcutta’.

It is best known as the site of Alcoa Australia, it was very pretty but it smelt a little. Alcoa has been working  Very hard with the Department of Conservation to return it to a natural wetlands.

from the point you can look across Corio bay and see Geelong.

A large pier runs out from Alcoa allowing ships that bring in the ore for Alcoa to smelter in to aluminium. This aluminium is used to make thousands of different things such as coke cans, ladders, car body’s, ect.


 The water was so clear and you could see all the pretty shells and colourfull stones on the sand at the bottom of the water.