Where We Went

My family and I like to go out and see different places. I like to take photos and share to the experiance

Buckley’s Falls

Today my Dad and I decided to take a walk along Buckley’s falls these falls are on the Barwon River in Highton the falls where named by John Wedge, he named the falls after and escaped convict called William Buckley who is famous for living with the local aboriginals for 32 years he escaped from a convict ship in 1803.


This photo is taken from the lookout overlooking the beautiful falls and dam wall


This is the bottom of the falls looking down the Barwon River



The dam and falls.

Along Buckley falls you can see this wall once it was on both sides of the river but now you can only see one side. This ‘water race’ was used to move water to the paper mill


This look so pretty and I am sure there is something living in here.